Portraits are the pathways to pleasant memories and we make sure you truly relive it in all its glory through first-rate portrait photography. We go above and beyond to capture the essence, mood, and personality of each person into a lively portrait that speaks volumes. From leveraging the optimal lighting to identifying the most suitable background, our expert photographers make sure your portrait is embellished with perfection.

PhotoBangalore has an in-house team consisting of some of the best portrait photographers in Bangalore who have decades of experience in the field. It is not only talent and experience that makes a great portrait, but the equipment as well. We know that very well and that is why we use imported high-end equipment powered by the latest technology for our photography. We have never compromised on the quality and we never will. Our customers vouch for it without any second thoughts and that has been our greatest achievement. We’ve been providing the finest portrait photography services in Bangalore for a decade and will continue to do so. This not a mere claim but a guarantee from PhotoBangalore. Want us to snap some great portraits of yours? Then, pick up that phone and ring us now.

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Frequently Asked Questions
about Architecture Photography

Yes, we work closely with our clients ensuring they receive what they want. After every photoshoot, we make it our priority to spend time with the client and add edits to the image as per the requirement of the client.

The fee for architectural photography is dependent on many factors. There is much pre-production work to be done, such as client meetings, advanced site visits, etc. It also covers licensing rights for the images. There is work to be done in the post-production stage, according to the requirement of the client. The client is billed only on the service provided, and a detailed breakdown of charges will be made available to the client. Each of the factors mentioned above can affect the pricing, depending on the project. Just drop a message to us, we will send our packages and you can choose from it.

The images are our intellectual property as per the Copyright Law. However, the images are licensed to the client for specific use and duration of time. This is to ensure minimum pricing for the clients, and not make them pay for licensing rights they don’t need.

Yes, there will be. Architecture photography requires utmost perfection in every aspect. But we will surely do our best to make it as easy as possible for you. We’ll be providing instructions as to what changes need to be done on your part.

We trust that our work will talk to us. Visit us on our official website and you can see the previous works we have done in various niches. If you want to know more about us, drop a message in the customer support, and we can discuss the specifics of the projects or our works in general.

We don’t want you to be satisfied with anything less than the very best. For marketing the building, be it for advertisements, for selling, or whatever it may be, you have to make sure you are staying ahead of the competition. High-resolution images draw a lot of attention, bring in more traffic, and thus give much-needed traction for your product or brand. High-end photography helps us focus on the minute details and captures a much better frame. This gives room for the post-production work to grow. This ultimately takes the image to a whole new level and gives you an edge over the competitors.

Yes. We promote it because we want you to grow and gain traction for your product/service. We provide licensing for posting the images on social media, but there should be a photo credit given to all posts of the image on social media.

Yes, we offer architecture videography services for buildings and have successfully completed many projects in Bengaluru. We often work closely with the client in scripting, filming and editing of the project, and take input and suggestions at every step to make sure that the client is getting what he/she envisioned. We bring sophistication to every one of our projects, and we provide scripting and filming to suit the client’s target audience.

Yes, we do receive projects that require travelling. We take on projects based on the exposure they provide us, irrespective of the distance, and this, we believe, is one of the important factors that helped us grow as a brand.

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